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5 Benefits of Engaging A Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Why is there an emphasis on cleanliness in offices? It is a well-established fact that a clean workplace increases employees’ productivity.

A clean office space also reflects positively on the company’s brand. Not only is a clean and orderly workplace beautiful, it also shows that the company values the welfare of their employees by making their lives better while at work.

Benefits Of Engaging A Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Clean Commercial Space Room

While keeping office workspaces clean is a shared responsibility between the company and the employees, companies that engage a professional commercial cleaning services company to do the job reap significant benefits for doing so.

Considering that most employees spend more of their hours awake being at work than being at home, it is very important that companies invest in office cleaning which only a professional cleaning services company can deliver to make workspaces comfortable and to create a conducive atmosphere for work to get done.

Here are several benefits of engaging a professional commercial cleaning services company:

  1. Reliability

    Reliable Commercial Cleaning Services
    When you need to get the office cleaning done before everyone shows up at work at 9:00 am on a Monday, a can be depended on to arrive on time, and accomplish a thorough office cleaning in time. A professional cleaning services company has a team of well-trained cleaners who work on specific tasks with expertise. This guarantees a top-notch clean with uncompromising standards.

    Reliability is important especially when your office has VIP guests arriving on a given day. Rare are those stay-out cleaners or in-house janitors who can be relied upon to finish the office cleaning job on time and in the same quality that a commercial cleaning services company could deliver.

    The obvious reason is because commercial office cleaners work as a team, have a strategic approach to cleaning the office, have a standard operating procedure (SOP) to follow, use the right cleaning paraphernalia, and have a strong support system in terms of logistics to get the cleaning job done with clock-work efficiency.

  2. High Cleaning Standard

    High Commercial Cleaning Standard
    The word “clean” is subject to many interpretations. Engaging a professional commercial cleaning services company sets a standard for what is clean that is aligned with industry-shared standards. There is no second-guessing what clean means.

    A commercial cleaning services company first assesses the scope of cleaning work to be done. Without this careful and thorough assessment, there is a high probability hard-to-reach nooks and corners will remain unchecked.

    Expert cleaning services teams determine areas of high foot traffic that may need extra attention especially when it comes to carpet cleaning and carpet protection. High traffic areas are where the office carpet is most susceptible to wear and tear, and dirt and soiling. A commercial cleaning services company knows how to thoroughly clean carpet so that the office floor looks, feels, and smells clean.

    High cleaning standard also includes carpet colour restoration. Commercial cleaners will offer companies sound advice on whether a certain portion of the carpet has already discolored, and that it is already time to restore this colour. Maintaining the carpet floor in top condition saves the company money from having to buy and install new carpet on the floor.

    Companies can also save money from having to buy new upholstery. Upholstery cleaning and maintenance is part of what a commercial cleaning services company does. In the office, when chairs, couches, tables, and other upholstery are often used, giving upholstery proper care and regular maintenance preserves these upholstery in pristine condition.

  3. Controlled Costs

    Commercial Cleaning Services Cost
    Some offices make the mistake of thinking that their in-house janitor is a cheaper way to keep the office clean, but this is not always the case.

  4. Specialized Ad Hoc Services

    Ad Hoc Cleaning Services
    After party clean-up require special cleaning than regular maintenance cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies can restore the cleanliness and orderliness after a big company event so that employees can return to work as usual the next day. After party-clean-up keeps the whole office clean no matter what activity happened the day prior.

    Commercial cleaning services companies can deploy additional manpower or equipment which may be needed for after party clean-up. Commercial cleaning companies have the resources which they can allocated in advance.

  5. Facilities Preservation

    When offices engage professional commercial cleaning services firms to do the job, they not only get a clean office today, they are able to preserve their office facilities for a longer time. Expert commercial cleaning services companies provide sound advices and tips on improving office cleanliness, and this reduces the need to clean frequently.

    There are instances when the staffs are not aware their actions are causing the office facilities to deteriorate sooner than their optimal lifespan.

    Office Worker Umbrella

    Let’s take the case of employees bringing umbrella on rainy days. Putting a repository for wet umbrellas by the entrance is a simple thing to do, but it goes a long way in terms of preserving a carpet flooring or preventing computers and electronic equipment from breaking down due to water.

    Water dripping from an umbrella can wet and soil and invite more dirt on a carpet floor. Water dripping from an umbrella can also cause short circuits resulting in serious damage to electronic devices when the water drips onto an open wire or a power source.

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