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3 DIY Marble Floor Polishing That Will Kill Your Marble’s Shine

Many people may think that marble floor polishing is easy to do because the marble’s naturally smooth and shiny surface makes cleaning it effortless. Not many people know, however, that applying DIY marble floor polishing materials on a marble stone could irreversibly diminish its luster and natural patterns.

woman polishing marble floor

Natural cleaning materials which are usually used in cleaning floors and other surfaces or in removing stains on carpets may not be safe when applied on marble surfaces.

What are examples of these natural cleaning materials that should never be applied on to marble floors? They include vinegar, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide.

DIY Marble Shine Killer #1: Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural product known for its stain-removing capability. But when applied to marble floors, vinegar does completely the reverse – it stains on the marble and ruins natural patterns on the marble stone; taking away its natural luster.

Vinegar should never be used as a DIY marble floor polish. On the contrary, when vinegar is accidentally spilled on the marble floor, it should be blotted out immediately.

To blot vinegar stains on a marble stone, some people suggest applying baking soda on the area where the vinegar spilled and leaving it on overnight before washing it away with a soft, damp cloth the next day.

Not enough documentation has been done to prove whether this is true or false. The safest way to remedy the situation is to engage the services of a professional marble floor polishing company. The experts understand the natural qualities of a marble stone and would how best to protect these.

DIY Marble Shine Killer #2: Lemon

Lemon juice has the same effect on marble floors as vinegar. While it’s a natural disinfectant for other surfaces, it can stain the marble floor and cause it to lose its sheen. When lemon juice is accidentally spilled on the marble floor, blot it dry right away. Don’t wipe it because wiping will only spread the lemon juice onto a bigger part of the floor.

DIY Marble Shine Killer #3: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest form of peroxide and appears as a colorless liquid in its pure form. It is usually used as oxidizer, a disinfectant and a bleaching agent.

While hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean stains on marble floors, remember to apply only to light-colored marble stones. Hydrogen peroxide can bleach dark-colored marble stones and cause it to discolor.

As a rule, acidic cleaning materials, whether natural or store-bought, must not applied to marble stones because marble stones corrode when acidic materials are applied on it.

Marble stones in homes, commercial buildings, and offices can give many years of beautiful service if kept well.

The right care and maintenance will help preserve the stone’s beauty for generations to come.

Common Stains On Marble Floors

There are generally six types of stains and dirt that can accumulate on a marble floor. These are:

  1. Water Spots and Rings. This typically appears on a marble floors where containers filled with water or other acidic substances such as juice, milk, or soda can leave spots and rings on the marble stone. To clean this, gently buff the marble with steel wool, ensuring that no scratch is made onto the marble stone surface.
  2. Spills and Stains. Blot the spill and stain immediately with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t wipe the area; wiping will only spread the spill and stain. Be extra patient and focused to blot only the area where there is a spill or a stain. If the stain remains, contacting an expert is your next best option.
  3. Oil-Based Stains. Cooking oil, grease, make-up, milk can all leave dirt and stain on your marble floor. These stains must be dissolved immediately; otherwise, they can darken the surface of the marble stone.
  4. Food-Based or Organic Stains. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, pet urine are only some of the organic substances that can stain your marble stone. Again, blot the area immediately and clean using a damp soft cloth. Use the pH neutral cleaning solution for better clean.
  5. Rust on your marble floor is unsightly and can instantly ruin the beautiful and intricate natural vein patters on the marble stone. Professional marble floor polishing companies can help you remove rust stains using a poultice, which is a mixture that is left overnight on the area of the stain and removed the next day. Ensure that the marble floor polishing company uses a non-acid based poultice to clean off the rust without damaging the marble.
  6. Ink and paint. Leave the removal of ink and paint stains on your marble floors only to the experts. Permanent markers, pens, paint are tough to remove on any surface, and it needs exceptional care when it comes to removing these stains from marble stones.

How Is Expert Marble Floor Polishing Done?

To give marble floors the expert care they deserve, engage only the experts to do the job.

Expert marble floor polishing companies will assess the marble floor for the kind of cleaning of maintenance it requires.

Regular cleaning may only require the use of a soft, non-abrasive, dry cloth to polish your marble floors.

Routine cleaning may use a cleaning agent to remove dirt and stain.

Remember, natural stones such as marble should not be cleaned with acidic chemical cleaners which are usually used to clean tiles and other surfaces.

A pH-neutral cleaning agent especially formulated for marble floor will help keep its natural shine and design while cleaning spills and other dirt from its surface.

Using chemical and abrasive cleaners is often the mistake of cleaners or technicians who do not understand marble as a natural stone.

pH-neutral cleaning agents ensures that dirt and grime that embed on the marble floor surfaces and grout joints are cleaned away without corroding the marble floor surface.

Giving marble floors an expert clean and polish will make it an investment that will last for generations. Contact only professional marble floor polishing companies that can give a nuanced approach to cleaning, polishing and maintaining your elegant marble floors.