Industrial Carpet Cleaners

Why Consider Hiring Industrial Carpet Cleaners?

Industrial carpet cleaners are essential to keep your commercial and carpets clean at all times. Especially for businesses and industrial facilities, carpets need to be maintained as they often receive a tremendous amount of traffic.

While it is possible to clean your carpets on your own, you will soon find it impractical to spend much effort and time on carpet cleaning especially if you’re busy. Hence, you need to engage the services of professional cleaning companies to address your carpet cleaning needs.

Differences Of Residential And Industrial Carpet Cleaners

There are instances when residential carpet cleaners clean industrial and commercial carpets, while commercial carpet cleaning firms may also cater to residential clients. However, there are important factors you should take into account when choosing which company to hire to clean your carpets.

For instance, understand that residential carpets are not exactly the same as industrial or commercial carpets. Compared to residential carpets, industrial carpets receive a greater amount of traffic and often hold more soil due to their low-level loop construction. Soil can pass through the loop, and when it gets trapped, it becomes difficult to remove. Regular carpet cleaning therefore won’t work effectively for commercial carpets.

To release the dirt, grease and oils that are usually found on commercial and industrial carpets, you need to use more powerful carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals. Commercial carpet cleaners make use of powerful equipment that gets far hotter than ordinary cleaning equipment to release not only oil and grease but also dyes (like coffee) in the carpet.

How Industrial Carpet Cleaners Work

There are various methods employed by carpet cleaning companies for residential and commercial carpets. Hot water extraction, for instance, is considered a primary method for cleaning rugs and carpets. Encapsulation cleaning works well for commercial carpets. Bonnet carpet cleaning is also effective in commercial carpet care, especially with its high agitation feature and absorbency in removing dirt and soils.

Effective carpet cleaners commonly have different tools in their cleaning arsenal and use other methods to clean many types of carpets. Commercial and industrial carpet cleaners make use of quality detergents, encapsulation chemicals, oxygen boosters, rinse agents and agitation tools accordingly for a particular carpet cleaning job.

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