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The Rise or Ruin of Your Marble Floor

Marble Floor Cleaning

Polished Marble is both a classy act and classic beauty. For centuries, the magnificent Calacatta and Carrara marble with their classic veining in gray and white have been a staple and a showstopper for private residence and public settings. And as 21st century modernism influences both home and office interior designs, even natural marble has found its place in it – fast becoming a favorite among homeowners, designers, and contractors.

But marble is such a complicated and intriguing paradox – with its hard resilience, durability, and long lifespan on one side and its vulnerability to stains, abrasions, and chemical damage on the other side.

What Can Ruin Your Marble Floor?

1. Scratches

This can easily happen through constant foot traffic, especially when footwear carries sand and grit with it. Even unprotected furniture legs, in its unassuming stationary position, can leave scratches to your marble floor.

But the most obvious culprit for those unwanted lines, blemishes, or claw marks can be attributed to constant dragging of sharp items and heavy objects across your handsome marble floor.

2. Stains

Marble is porous so it is prone to water discoloration and damage due to spills from food, liquid substances, and even metal furniture and sitting pots. Worse, acid-based food or liquid can leave dull marks, causing your marble floor to lose its shine and elegance.

3. Moisture

Water is a universal cleaning agent, and yes, it’s good for your marble floor. But do you also know that it may contain chlorine and certain minerals that can cause pitting and yellowing of your marble tiles instead of giving it that spotless sheen?

Marble Maintenance Tips

1. Protect Your Marble Floor With A Premium Penetrating Sealer.

This doesn’t mean it will be resistant to all scratches, stains, and moisture damage it will be exposed in with through the years, but it will certainly inhibit premature deterioration, especially when the culprit substance or action is not dealt with right away.

2. Dust-mop Your Marble Floor Regularly.

Instead of using vacuum cleaner which may have grit jammed by the wheels, a clean and dry non-treated dust-mop is the easiest and most practical tool to keep your marble floor clean and shiny.

3. Use Appropriate Floor Protection Especially in High Traffic Areas.

While grit, dirt, and sand are marble floors’ number one enemies, doormats, runners, and rugs can be its trusted and loyal companion.

Since you can never stop foot traffic from treading across those handsome marble floors, you can minimize the wear and tear on the surface finish by using these appropriate floor protection. Just make sure they are also cleaned regularly to eliminate dirt and dust buildup within the material.

Maintaining Marble Marvelously

Most of the ideas mentioned above are things you already know and do! But if your marble floor has already experienced considerable damage, you may need the help of experts for marble floor polishing.

The delicate nature of marble floors as well as the constant vigilance in keeping it clean and sparkling is something that requires professional assistance.

Stop resorting to acidic cleaners, harsh auto-scrubbers and even powder or cream cleaners. Eliminate the hassle and worry of maintaining its elegant appearance and long-lasting brilliance by choosing a trusted name in marble floor polishing.

At Avalon Services, you can take confidence in its well-executed cleaning and marble floor polishing techniques. Experience a high quality finish – whether a soft matte, low-sheen, or high-sheen polish – that leaves your marble floor surfaces in smooth and pristine condition.