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The Benefits of Hiring the Services of Marble Floor Polishing Specialists

Marble floor Polishing in Singapore

Why Marble Flooring is in Demand

Marble is a popular stone tile used as flooring material. It is also commonly seen in bathrooms, counter tops and in walls. Marble has a unique shiny surface, along with shade variations and whirl patterns. It has an all-natural appearance that is elegant and luxurious-looking.

Why Hire Marble Floor Polishing Specialists

The rare beauty of marble stone demands thorough cleaning at all times. Marble floors must be maintained regularly in order to keep them attractive; otherwise, they will look dull.

Maintenance of marble flooring, however, is a tough job. Marble floor polishing requires an intricate knowledge of the nature of marble stone and its highly reactive nature to acidic cleaning agents. To ensure the longevity of marble tiles, it is crucial to hire professional marble floor polishing experts.

Hiring certified professionals to undertake marble floor polishing has many benefits, among these are:

  1. Tough Action on Marble Stains

    Marble, which is made up of calcium bicarbonate, requires the use of correct cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. While most marble stains can be easily removed, there are certain types of stains that are difficult to deal with. Grout and rust stains, for instance, are often absorbed deep into the pores of marble, making them almost impossible to remove. These types of stains require special cleaning techniques which can be performed only by certified professionals. Marble floor polishing professionals can handle removals of different marble stains – from oil, red wine, coffee stains down to more stubborn stains that can’t be handled by normal do-it-yourself cleaning methods.

  1. Removal of etch marks

    The removal of etch marks is also targeted in professional marble floor polishing. Etch marks occur when marble, which is made up of soft stone and calcium bicarbonate, dissolves or comes in contact with acidic substances or alkaline products such as harsh household cleaning agents. Wrong use of acidic cleaning agents causes serious damage to marble stones. Etch marks usually leave a lighter color and a dull appearance. At times, etch marks are so deep and become difficult to correct. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to hire professional marble floor polishing services. Certified technicians will use advanced equipment along with diamond abrasives for the removal of etch marks and then polish the marble surface and apply sealant to restore its beauty.

  1. Convenience

    Professional marble floor polishing saves time and effort. Instead of undertaking the cleaning assignment yourself, you can have peace of mind knowing that there are trusted technicians who can get the job done according to industry specifications.

    Polishing the marble flooring yourself is not worth the savings because it can only result in costly fixes when cleaning is done incorrectly. If you want your marble flooring smooth and sparkly, it’s best if you hire the services of Avalon Services – a team of trusted marble floor polishing professionals in Singapore. Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering excellent and reliable professional cleaning services for marble floors, both in homes and enterprises alike. Contact us today to discuss your floor polishing needs.

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