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Is Your Kitchen Clean Enough To Pass Food Hygiene Standards?

Regular cleaning your restaurant kitchen can remove the usual dirt and grime. But for deep-seated stains and muck, restaurants can benefit from professional cleaning services.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Commercial Kitchen?

As the kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, it’s essential to keep this place clean and organized. Tidying up the kitchen on a daily basis can only do so much. Dirt accumulates on nooks and crannies—areas that are often overlooked in the daily cleaning.

Though usually not in public view, a dirty kitchen can affect the reputation of the restaurant or lose points in the Grading System for Eating Establishments and Food Stalls of the National Environment Agency (NEA). The agency grades licensed eating establishments based on food hygiene practices and guidelines, which include good cleaning practices, pest control, and storage practices.

NEA ensures that all restaurants in Singapore follow these food hygiene standards; otherwise, it will follow the Points Demerit System (PDS) for food establishments for restaurants that fail to comply.

To avoid suspension or revocation of license due to low grade, restaurants in Singapore should schedule an appointment with a cleaning services company. Deep cleaning the kitchen helps restaurants uphold the best standards for their establishment and customers.

Hiring a professional cleaning services company to do a deep clean will leave your kitchen looking almost as good as new. With the use of specialized equipment, all work surfaces go through systematic cleaning, leaving the preparation and cooking areas germ-free. Moreover, kitchen appliances are given new life as they are likewise exhaustively scoured by the cleaning staff.

Which Parts Should You Organize And Deep Clean?

While everyday cleaning can get rid of the superficial filth, deep cleaning restaurant kitchens eliminates grime that are often overlooked—from work surfaces to hard-to-reach areas.

Here are some parts of the kitchen that require a thorough clean at least once every six months.

  • Kitchen walls and floors

    Oil splatter and grease can create a nasty muck on kitchen walls and floors. Wiping with a rug won’t dislodge caked-on grime. This requires professional treatments that would lift the filth off the walls and floors.

  • Kitchen appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, etc.)

    Clean Coffee Machine
    Dirty kitchen appliances don’t function as well as clean ones. The oven in particular can get very greasy what with all the spills and spatters, while the fridge can be a hotbed of bacteria and bad odor.

To prevent premature breakdown of kitchen appliances, professional cleaning staff will scrub and wipe every component of kitchen machines.

  • Countertops and sinks

    Clean Countertops
    Countertops are the workhorse of the kitchen. Like the walls and floors, countertops receive the occasional splatter that requires more than a simple wipe. Whether you have a stainless steel, marble or granite countertop, professional cleaners make them look pristine and germ-free. Sinks can likewise be freed from mineral build-ups and other grimes through the use of chemical-free cleaning methods.

  • Cabinets and drawers

    While cabinets and drawers may be out of sight, they are often in need of organization. Stray utensils and other cooking tools need to be corralled so it’s easier for the kitchen staff to find what they need. Cabinets that don’t go all the way to the top need plenty of dusting.

How Professional Cleaning Services Can Help

Regular cleaning of the kitchen can get rid of some of the muck, but for a proper deep clean, you should get the help of a cleaning services company. Professional cleaners have the right knowledge, tools and equipment to remove deep-seated grime from commercial kitchens. Get in touch with Avalon Services today to schedule an appointment.