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Improving and Standardizing the Outdated Ways of Office Cleaning

Office cleaning Solution in Singapore

With almost two decades of experience in the professional cleaning industry, Avalon Services – a proud member of the Avon Group of Companies – provides specialized office cleaning solutions to residential, industrial and commercial clients throughout Singapore.

Regarded as Singapore’s premiere cleaning company, it employs meticulous cleaning techniques as well as revolutionary cleaning systems not only to guarantee client satisfaction but also to surpass industry expectations.

Whether generalized or specialized cleaning projects such as office cleaning and marble floor maintenance as well as upholstery and carpet cleaning among other services, Avalon Services delivers on-time, high caliber and cost effective cleaning solutions that embody the IICRC seal of reliability and excellence.

3 Key Weaknesses of Traditional Office Cleaning

More often than not, traditional office cleaning methods and procedures such as the classic sweeping, dusting and mopping just move dust, dirt, and other particles from one part of the office to another – which causes allergic reactions and irritations as well as bacteria buildup.

Even the common use of chemical-laden commercial cleaning products to effectively remove indoor pollutants can only add up volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates back into the breathing air within the office. This leads to higher incidence of asthma attacks, progressive eye, nose and throat irritation as well as other serious health problems.

Chemical Management

Clever marketing campaigns relentlessly advertised by commercial cleaning manufacturers and companies promise squeaky clean, sparkling, and germ free homes and work environment with a liberal use of a plethora of cleaning products they promote. This is why it is not uncommon for offices to use chemical filled cleaning products to remove dirt and grime from all surfaces.

But do you know that the average office and workstation these days is home to more toxic chemicals than the average chemistry laboratory in the previous century? Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that there is one sick employee for every three workers
due to a slew of undetected contaminants in the office environment.

While toxic cleaning chemicals used in office cleaning can be harmful to workers in different ways – inhalation, ingestion, injection, and contact with skin or eyes – even more hazardous risks are posed when it is used, stored, and disposed improperly. Mixed with incompatible chemicals, it can be flammable or explosive.

Minimizing the effects of toxic cleaning chemicals is essential to avoid further incidence of health risks among employees and all occupants within the office environment. This can be achieved by using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • Through green cleaning substances and solutions, there are fewer chemicals that need to be treated or processed in wastewater.
  • Proper use, storage, and disposal of green cleaning products lessen the likelihood of fires, spills and explosions.

It is the main responsibility of office managers and supervisors to develop and maintain a system of written guidelines for office cleaning.

  1. Give detailed instructions and clear guidance – both for office occupants and cleaning staffs – on dealing with cleaning solutions.
  2. Provide proper training and/or education to all employees and cleaning personnel on an annual basis about handling, use, storage, and disposal of cleaning products to reduce and prevent ergonomic injuries and exposure to hazardous materials.
  3. Require office occupants to disclose their special needs or sensitivities to certain chemicals, allergens, and other airborne particles to enable the management staff to adopt a customized cleaning process.

Floor Care

The simple and universally-accepted cleaning activities such as sweeping, dusting and vacuuming do not merely remove dust and dirt from every surface, crevice, and space as we hope it would do. In fact, they only generate or re-suspend the pollutants into the indoor air.

When dust particles are stirred up into the air due to either of the above mentioned activities, a plethora of potential toxic pollutants and other harmful contaminants become more available for individuals around to breathe in or be absorbed through their skin.

It is impossible to NOT have any dust, dirt or microorganism inside the office. In fact, microbes are everywhere. And while they perform important functions that help us in so many ways, there are some microbes that can also be dangerous and cause disease.

Microbes can live in dust and be spread by poor office cleaning practices. The key, however, is to keep all these particles, and therefore the risk of illness, to a minimum.

  1. Use untreated microfiber cloths or water-dampened lint-free rags for absorbing dust
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency filters and proper dusting attachments.
  3. Instead of feather dusters, use flexible microfiber dusters for nooks and crannies as well as tight spots.
  4. Use a clean dust mop sprayed with properly-prepared water-based dust mop treatment.
  5. To remove more fine dust from the surface as well as dirt and debris from cracks and crevices, use a suction-only brush-tool attached to the vacuum cleaner.

Disinfection of High Touch Locations

As the saying goes, ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you.’ But for office cleaning, it’s exactly the opposite; because what you don’t know – or can’t see – can still hurt, and even kill, you.

And if you thought the epicenter of workplace germs is the restroom, think again. According to hygienists from Kimberly-Clark Professional working on The Healthy Workplace Project
, the highest concentration of illness-causing bacteria, and therefore contamination, are in the work stations or office cubicles, break rooms and kitchens.

In fact, there are 400 times more bacteria in the average office desk
than the average toilet seat, according to University of Arizona germ guru Dr. Charles Gerba.

With this in mind, particular attention should be paid to properly sanitizing and disinfecting high touch areas to prevent the spread of disease among all office occupants.

  1. Clean high-touch areas – such as computer keyboards, doorknobs, chair arms, common area telephones, water cooler handles, coffee pot dispensers, etc. – properly regularly using a broad-spectrum disinfectant that targets specific bacteria or viruses.
  2. Provide employees with easy access to sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizers in strategic locations within the office.
  3. Opt to use disinfecting wipes instead of paper towel, sponges, or dishrags to clean and disinfect your personal workspace in the office to stop bacteria from spreading from one surface to another.

From Outdated to Holistic Office Cleaning

You wouldn’t want to welcome your potential customers or business investors into a dirty, disorganized or unhygienic office, nor let your hardworking and loyal employees stay in an unsafe working environment.

This will require a high quality office cleaning system that is up to par with industry standard and expectations. It is not just a simple matter of rubbish removal but adopting efficient and holistic cleaning specifications that is a direct reflection of your professionalism and success-driven character as an organization.

In the long run, improving and standardizing outdated office cleaning habits can lead to conservation of resources, minimal adverse health impacts on all office occupants, and protection of the environment against global warming and ozone depletion – positive and measurable outcomes that directly impact your bottom line.

Whether you want to create good first impressions with prospective customers and business investors, or establish and maintain a safe, healthy work environment, Avalon Services provides holistic office cleaning services to your specific demands and utmost satisfaction. Contact us today!