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If You Think Your Carpet Is Clean, Think Again!

Coffee & Laptop Under The Carpet

A good carpet can make any office look more pulled together. It also protects the floor from scratches due to furniture movement and heavy foot traffic. However, carpets can be extremely filthy. Regardless of how luxurious your carpet looks and feels, it will eventually turn into a crusty mess if it’s not properly cleaned. Invest in carpet cleaning services to ensure that your office looks presentable at all times.

Why Most Carpets Are Gross

Soil from shoes, dust mites, feces, bacteria, mold spores and other allergens lurk in the fibers of your carpet. While they seem invisible to the naked eye, these can pose certain health risks if carpets are not regularly cleaned. And if you follow the five-second rule, you have probably picked off food from the carpet and ate it. This is a health gamble that no one should ever take.

Keeping your carpet clean prolongs its life and makes them an inhospitable place for bacteria to live in. As a germ hotspot, carpets need to be cleaned regularly and whenever there are spills and stains on them. This will keep your floor covering in tiptop shape and help remove the buildup and bacteria from its fibers.

Traditional Cleaning Methods

The easiest way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it frequently. Vacuuming can take out surface dirt in between deep cleaning. However, it will not remove deep-seated grime and stains as well as the bacteria that have been living in your carpet for a long time.

Additionally, vacuuming blows dirt into the air, unless you are using a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that can remove even the smallest dust particles. Indoor spaces like offices often have poor circulation, and when you vacuum your carpet, dirt becomes airborne. This can be bothersome especially if there are people at work who are prone to allergies.

For spot cleaning, you can use baking soda, ice, and makeup remover or alcohol works as carpet cleaning products, but again, these methods only treat the surface of your carpet. They won’t remove the germs that are hiding in your floor covering.

A Truly Clean Carpet Requires More Than Just Vacuuming

While vacuuming is a good method for daily carpet cleaning, it is often not enough as it tends to leave some of the ingrained dirt behind. Deep cleaning every 12 to 18 months will help extend the life of your carpet and prevent stains and dirt from being encrusted.

If you haven’t deep cleaned your carpet for quite some time, chances are, it is already heavily soiled and stained. No amount of ordinary vacuuming can remove the grime that’s made its way deep into the carpet’s fibers. Extraction cleaning works perfectly for poorly maintained carpets. Using a combination of powerful cleansing agents and high-powered vacuum cleaner, the filth from the carpet is removed and your floor covering will look pristine after the cleaning.

Although extraction cleaning is most effective in removing deep-seated dirt, it does have some downtime. It’s best done over the weekend or when you’re not expecting people come into the office. A quicker alternative would be to have your carpet cleaned by dry shampooing. Although the name suggests that the method is “dry”, it still requires the use of water to activate the dry foam shampoo. But compared to extraction cleaning, this method will have your carpet clean and dry in about two hours.

Let Professional Carpet Cleaners Do The Dirty Work

A clean office is an indirect reflection of the kind of service or work that you do. A filthy carpet shows that you do not care enough to keep your office clean, and this can be a turn off to employees and potential clients.

Since vacuuming your carpet can only do so much, consider using professional carpet cleaning services to keep your workplace looking pristine and professional. Carpet cleaning experts like Avalon Services can help you keep your carpets clean and looking new.