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How to Find the Right Office Cleaner that Meets Your Cleaning Needs

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Singapore is renowned as the cleanest country in South East Asia. Residents have been conscientious about cleanliness since the Keep Singapore Clean campaign started many years ago. As a country known for its strict regulations when it comes to sanitation, companies based in Singapore are also expected to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene around their office vicinity.

Everyone in the office can contribute to maintaining the cleanliness by keeping the clutter on their desks, but when everyone’s busy with work and does not want to take the extra burden of cleaning the office area, a professional office cleaner can help out.

Why Hire a Regular Office Cleaner?

Instead of wasting your time in giving instructions to different part time office cleaners, why not hire a regular one? This way, you only need to give instructions once, and they’ll know the tasks needed in your office the next day. It is more time-efficient and hassle-free on your part.

Let’s get started in finding the right office cleaner.

1. Provide a checklist of cleaning tasks.

You can either provide the checklist of the tasks needed for your office or ask them for the checklist of the work that they can do for you. This will give you the basis of what to check later.
Office cleaner job is competitive in Singapore; you can choose to have the cleaning service done on an hourly, daily, weekly, or on alternate day basis. However, for offices wherein there are hundreds of employees working, daily service is much recommended.

2. Go through the office cleaner’s work.

After the cleaning work is completed, all you have to do is to check if the office cleaner has properly done all the work properly. Go through the things or places in the checklist and check if the cleaning requirements are met.

3. Take note of the places and things that need cleaning improvement.

If you are unsatisfied with the cleaning service, it is better to take note of the areas of concerns so that you can raise your concerns to the office cleaner for future improvements. You can also make additional cleaning requests if necessary.

4. Inform the office cleaner of your comments and/or requests.

Let the office cleaner know about your comments and feedback so that the issues can be addressed immediately and your standards can be met. In this manner, the cleaning tasks will be done better in the future, ensuring that the entire office is well-maintained.

5. Check if there are improvements.

After another cleaning day, check their work again to see if there are improvements made according to your comments or requests. If you’re still not satisfied with the quality of service, then it’s time for you to contact another office cleaning service provider to do the cleaning job. Begin the process again until you find the one that can meet your cleaning requirements.
Having an open communication with your office cleaner is an excellent way to avoid misunderstandings regarding your cleaning needs. Giving them feedback and letting them know that you appreciate their efforts in keeping your office clean is also a great way to build a good working relationship with the cleaning company.