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How to Declutter Your Work Space – The Smart Way

clean work space to increase productivity
Muster up the courage to control work space clutter and soon you’ll be on your way to increased productivity and career success.

But when you start wondering how you ended up having a mountain of loose documents sitting on top of your keyboard or why you can longer find those documents you urgently need, then you’ve reached past your clutter tipping point.

When schedules are tight and deadlines are looming, maintaining an orderly and tidy cubicle is just about any sane employee’s struggle. But embarking on an office cleaning mission is less about gaining a momentary Zen space but more about making you look, feel, and act more professional – and yes, it can put your productivity, efficiency, and creativity on the right track.

Not sure where to begin? Control work space clutter with these 5 simple tips.

  • Set a date. If most of your days are crazily jam-packed, schedule an organizing session even if you have to squeeze it in during the first few minutes of a Monday or on a Friday afternoon when the week is winding down – and stick to it!
  • Go on a paper purge. Maybe you’re wondering how papers on your desk can multiply in the blink of an eye, overtaking your workspace to your dismay. Quick question to ask yourself: Save or Shred? Those important piles of papers – put them in designated storage boxes. Old stacks of sheets – recycle or get rid of them. By doing so, you will enhance the visual space of your workspace dramatically AND add prime real estate in that place you call home during your professional days.
  • Make essentials accessible. Everything you need regularly – have them within arm’s reach. Move to a more distant corner for items that you use only once a day while rarely used stuff should be kept in the supply closet.
  • Put up a professional image. Your office cubicle is not the right place to showcase tasteless items such as racy photos, goofy figurines, fragrance diffusers, personal grooming supplies, and leftovers – especially those with pungent smells. Keep proofs of your quirky personality or odd sense of humour at bay – for a spick and span work space.
  • Add some greenery – or fresh flowers. Office cleaning isn’t just about what you can throw away but what you also add to it. Spruce your desk surroundings – and clean your air at the same time – by putting a low-maintenance potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers.


A heavy workload is no excuse to ignore work space cleanliness. Don’t let your messy desk affect your clear thinking and productivity. A clean and organized office space is not just to make it easier to find the things you need and finish tasks more quickly and effectively. It is also a direct reflection of your professionalism and sense of pride for being part of the company.