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Health And Safety Standards You Should Expect From A Professional Office Cleaner

The quality of office cleaning you should expect to receive from a professional office cleaner in Singapore can first be reflected in the way the office cleaning company values the health and safety standard of its own staff.

Some of the health and safety standards you must observe are:

  1. Are the cleaning staffs in excellent health?

    A professional office cleaner agency in Singapore should uphold their staff’s health and well-being at all times. Because the office cleaner works with his or her hands often, he or she is more prone to skin conditions such as contact dermatitis, resulting from allergic reaction to certain cleaning chemicals or even to dust.

    As a precaution, an office cleaner company in Singapore must provide protective work gear such as hand gloves to minimize their staff’s skin contact to solutions and dust which could trigger contact dermatitis and other skin problems.

    Cleaning Gloves

  2. Are the office cleaners trained in safety and correct practices for heavy lifting and other strenuous tasks?

    Moving heavy furniture and lifting heavy boxes are just of the tasks an office cleaner will be asked to do. As a client, you should expect that the professional office cleaner agency in Singapore that you engaged provides adequate workplace safety and protection to their cleaning staff.

    Cleaning staff who suffer from muscoskeletal disorders such as unbearable muscle pain, a crooked posture, or even fractures, torn muscles, or sprained ligaments that can happen while at work should be given proper care and immediate attention.

    Above all, the office cleaning company should provide adequate training in lifting and other strenuous activities while cleaning so that these hazards and conditions can be avoided.

    The office cleaner agency should also provide the use of right equipment for lifting and moving furniture in the office. This not only guarantees the safety and welfare of the cleaning staff, properly moving furniture also ensures that the furniture will not subjected to damages.

    Being conscientious about these details will save time in cleaning as well.

  3. Are cleaning staff provided with suitable access equipment that will enable them to safely work in heights?

    Working in heights is one of the more precarious and delicate tasks an office cleaning company may assign their office cleaner. As a client, you must expect that the office cleaning company provides suitable access equipment. Staff that are not trained to work in heights should not carry out the job. Cleaning windows, for instance, can be made safer with the use of water fed poles, so that manually cleaning the windows could be avoided.

    If window cleaning is to be done manually, the office cleaner will be safer to do it from inside the window instead of outside. It is important to always find a safer place to work from, either on a balcony or a stable platform.

  4. Are cleaning staff provided with safety boots, masks, and rubber gloves especially when dealing with chemicals?

    Chemicals can be powerful cleaning solutions, but they also pose as health hazards. An office cleaning company should first and foremost train an office cleaner on chemical handling. Then, the office cleaning company should provide the necessary safety tools and gears to prevent suffocation, irritation, burning, or any accident and hazard when handling chemicals.

    Chemicals are also unsafe when they are left for the office workers to inhale and touch. Proper chemical handling is not only for the best interest of the office cleaners, it is also best for all of the employees in the office. As the client, you should never compromise on both the cleanliness of your office, the safety of the office cleaners, and certainly, the safety of your employees.

The value an office cleaning company in Singapore places upon the safety of their own cleaning staff speaks volumes about their professionalism and care for people. Engage a professional office cleaner agency in Singapore that puts a prime on delivering the best cleaning results in the safest way.