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DIY Carpet Cleaning: Why Doing It Yourself Won’t Do You Any Good

Carpets have become an integral component of Singapore’s interior design. In fact, majority of Singaporeans, more than 80% of the population , have chosen to install carpet flooring in their own homes.

As a decorative piece, a carpet can easily transform any space into a cosy and luxurious living space. Placement of a beautiful carpet enhances the aesthetics of home spaces and accentuates the visual harmony with the overall interiors.

carpet as decorative piece

Unlike wooden floors, carpeted flooring hides dust and absorbs sound, reducing indoor noise. It is soft to walk on and not slippery, thus eliminating the risks of slips and injuries. It also varies in design, texture and style, which makes it an ideal investment as a home furnishing.

Why DIY Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea At All

To keep carpets hygienic and long-lasting, regular carpet maintenance is a must. There are usually two ways by which homeowners deal with carpet care. First is through DIY carpet cleaning (Do-It-Yourself), where the homeowner does the cleaning by himself and relies on traditional method of carpet cleaning and shampooing. The other method is through the hiring of professional carpet cleaning technicians.

Many Singaporean homeowners choose the first option of DIY carpet cleaning for different reasons. Primarily, DIY carpet cleaning is preferred because it is less expensive and convenient. Many are of the belief that DIY carpet cleaning is a good alternative, with results same as that rendered by professional carpet cleaners.

Such belief, however, isn’t at all true. You may not realise it, but results have been tragic when cleaning of carpets is made DIY. The wrong detergent, the wrong equipment and the wrong cleaning technique can make a big difference. Homeowners lack the expertise, skill and training of IICRC-accredited professionals. Therefore, carpet cleaning should always be left in the hand of the experts.

Here are the main reasons why you should resist becoming a DIY carpet cleaner:

  • Excessive Moisture

    One of the common problems with DIY carpet cleaning is that carpets are left excessively wet. Carpet fibers do not react well to trapped moisture. Excessive moisture destroys the structural integrity of the carpet and its padding underneath. Oversaturation of carpets to the point of penetrating their inner structural material leaves the carpet delaminated. It then develops wrinkled spots that cannot be flattened out. It also leads to fabric shrinkage and browning or carpet discolouration.

    Carpet fabric left damp due to improper DIY carpet also becomes a breeding ground of moulds and bacteria. Biological contaminants and pollutants get trapped, thereby producing indoor air pollution which poses respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

  • Not tailored to specific carpet material

    There are various types of carpets out on the market. In DIY cleaning, usually a one-size fits all approach is employed. The same cleaning technique is used, along with the same cleaning detergents and same cleaning machine.

    A proper deep carpet clean should be tailored to suit different carpeting. For instance, wool carpets should be cleaned differently and treated with the right solutions, otherwise they shrink. Berber carpeting are easiest to maintain because of their large loops. Frieze carpet, on the other hand, is harder to clean and may require a steam or dry carpet cleaning solution to remove deep-seated stains.

  • Voided carpet warranties

    Owning a carpet is a huge investment for any homeowner. New carpet and padding comes with a hefty price tag, ranging from $775 and $1,100 per room . It usually comes with a warranty. Carpet warranty however may be voided by DIY cleaning. Some carpet warranties strictly require carpets to be professionally cleaned periodically, every 12 months. Non-compliance with such requirement, along with failure to comply with carpet care and maintenance guidelines, results in the invalidation of some warranties.

  • Disappointing cleaning results

    According to Chairman Pete Duncanson, acting president of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC, DIY carpet cleaning comes with a lot of risks. This is because inexperienced cleaners lack the technology and expertise to get the job done. DIY cleaners tend to use harsh cleaning agents which thin out carpet fibre and rent steam cleaners which fail to fully extract or rinse shampoo or cleaning solvents from the carpet fibre. High detergent residue on fibre attracts dirt and grime and causes it to get rapidly soiled.

    DIY carpet cleaning often leads to disappointing results. Even after hours of back-breaking labour, you get frustrated to see that your carpets remain dirty and soiled or tainted with stains.

Disappointing cleaning results

  • Laborious work

    Carpet cleaning is all about back-breaking effort. While renting or even buying cleaning machines can simplify things, bulk of what has to be done still requires manual exertion of effort. Carpet cleaning will require you to move and lift furniture items, remove stains and operate the machines.

  • Not environmentally-friendly

    In DIY cleaning, homeowners may not be aware of how their chosen cleaning agents affect the environment. In fact, DIY cleaners may forego the hazardous impact of chemical-based solvents, so long as the desired results are visible. Without professional training and knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, you might end up using products on your carpet which aren’t safe for you, for your family and for the environment.

Avalon Services: The Advantage of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional cleaners remain one step ahead of DIY carpet cleaners. They know how to expertly treat different types of stubborn stains and spots, along with embedded dirt and grime. Accredited technicians are certified to clean all types of carpet fibers and construction. They are able to fine-tune their approach to suit carpeting material, prolonging its life while effectively treating spills. They also provide quality carpet cleaning services and employ cleaning solutions which deliver superior results.

quality carpet cleaning

At Avalon Services, we have a team of IICRC-accredited cleaners who specialise in different types of carpet cleaning methods, ranging from hot water extraction cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet washing services, dry carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning and encapsulation. We also offer upholstery cleaning, specialized floor maintenance and event and ad hoc cleaning. Discover how we can be of service to you, contact us today and get a free quote!

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