Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Just About Cleaning Jobs!

Commercial carpet cleaning is the business of cleaning carpets of office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, libraries, airports, movie houses, condominiums, plazas, and even mansions and residences––almost any and all establishments where you can install carpets! But did you know that it’s not all just about cleaning jobs? It’s about health and well-being, too!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Begins With the Quality of Air of Our Indoors

Commercial carpet cleaning has a story to tell. It starts with our being largely indoor creatures since we mostly work and live inside building establishments and residential homes. Carpets affect indoor air quality. According to simulation researches in computational fluid dynamics modeling using supercomputers at Solutio Labs in Pensacola, Florida, carpets’ textured surfaces catch and trap falling particles to keep more allergens out of the breathing zone. These particles can be later removed with the right kind of vacuuming.

Carpeted flooring has been used to control dust mite allergens. However, other household furnishings like mattresses, beddings, and upholstered furniture retain and release higher levels of dust particles. In another study, the amount of dust particles was graphed between two rooms: one was carpeted and the other wasn’t. The carpeted room showed a significantly lower amount of dust particles. Again, note that the correct method of carpet vacuuming is a critical factor.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Aid in Respiratory Health!

Children’s heights are the levels where the most dust particles abound and are breathable. So children, being active and mostly close to the floors, are at greater risks. Respiratory specialists have pointed out that dust particles in the breathing zone, especially indoors, contribute to breathing related health problems like asthma, sinus, wheezing, and bronchitis.

In another study last 2002, a significant correlation was found between carpeted bedrooms and asthma symptoms and bronchial responsiveness. Carpeted bedrooms show much less symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. So, carpet cleaning is an imperative for company and household budgets!

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