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Commercial Carpet Cleaners

What Commercial Carpet Cleaners Protect You From

Carpets are often associated with posh offices. This is because it is quite pricey to have carpets installed in the office. Not only is the installation expensive, care and maintenance of carpets is costly as well. For the best care and maintenance, get the services of commercial carpet cleaners.

Unknown to many, carpets are ideal breeding grounds for germs, molds, mildew, and small insects like dust mites. Just imagine, while you’re enjoying walking on the soft carpet beneath your feet, all these things could be crawling up your shoes already. Before you know it, you might be sick already and you would be forced to stay at home instead of working in the office.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners: Dust Mites And The Harm They Bring

Dust mites are seemingly harmless insects that are almost invisible to the naked eye. You can only see them when they’re on a thin white cloth held against the light. Dust mites are arthropods and are close relatives of spiders. But what harm do they exactly bring you?

Dust mites are harmful because their microscopic cast skins and feces contribute a lot to the total amount of dust in your home. They can make you ill as they allergic reactions especially to asthmatics. You need to get rid of them. It’s time to get the help of commercial carpet cleaners.

How Commercial Carpet Cleaners Kill Dust Mites

Commercial carpet cleaners use steam cleaning to clean carpets. A total of three chemicals and two machines are used for the entire process. The first step involves a mixture of two of the chemicals and a scrubbing machine. The mixture is sprayed onto the carpet and deep-seeded dirt and stains are scrubbed away from it.

The second step involves two of the chemicals and an extraction machine. These two chemicals disinfect and deodorize the carpet. This is the part of the procedure that gets rid of dust mites. The extraction machine finishes it off by extracting the excess water and dirt.

There is no better way of getting rid of dust mites to keep your office safe. Go get the services of commercial carpet cleaners now!