Floor Polishing & Maintenance


16 Jan: The Benefits of Hiring the Services of Marble Floor Polishing Specialists

Why Marble Flooring is in Demand Marble is a popular stone tile used as flooring material. It is also commonly seen in bathrooms, counter tops and in walls. Marble has a unique shiny surface, along with shade variations and whirl patterns. It has an all-natural appearance that is elegant and luxurious-looking. Why Hire Marble Floor Polishing Specialists The rare beauty of marble stone demands thorough cleaning at all times. Marble floors must be maintained regularly in order to keep them…


30 Dec: Polishing Marble Floors: A Step – By – Step Guide

Beauty and utility, two characteristics that has made marble a treasure for centuries. The bright, glistening finish of a newly installed marble reflects the light, making the room look elegant. Although durable, it is very porous and stains easily; regular care is necessary. Polishing marble can be done easily with supplies readily available at home. Marble Floor Polishing By Hand Conventional cleaners are usually too abrasive for delicate marble and should be typically avoided. The methods of polishing marble floors…


18 Oct: Can You Do Parquet Floor Polishing Yourself?

Parquet floors are a nice addition to the interior design of any home. They add a rustic character to any room of the house, and make the room seem more warm and comfy. The problem with parquet floors is that the tiles are exquisitely made, thus commanding a hefty price tag. It is thus imperative for lucky owners of parquet floors to take good care of these precious floors on a regular basis.


18 Jun: Marble Polishing Services: Giving Your Marble Floors A Makeover

Marble is harvested deep from the depths of the earth and are quite rare. It is a very special element to incorporate into your home interior design, and provides an opulent flooring material for any part of your home. Whether the room is small or spacious enough, marble can transform the room into an elegant and regal space for anyone. Although very resilient, marble floors may chip or weaken too over time. After all, nothing lasts forever. Some varieties of…


01 Apr: Floor Polishing Services

Every component in any kind of space requires some degree of maintenance once in a while to keep it in an optimised state, conducive for the purpose for which it was built in the first place. Whether the space is a residence, an office, or any public space, everything in it from the floor to the ceiling has to be kept free from dirt, moulds, and other things which may degrade the quality of its materials.