Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance


20 Apr: Carpet Cleaning Services That Will Leave You Breathless

These functional yet decorative pieces can be found on a portion or on the entire floor area. And carpets have the tendency to store a remarkable volume of dust, dirt and microorganisms acquired from everyday foot traffic. In order to maintain the key characteristics, like the colour and functionality, of the carpet, it requires regular maintenance. This can be done by hiring experts in Carpet Cleaning Services.


19 Mar: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners opt for D.I.Y cleaning methods to save more dollars. If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, you probably like doing the carpet cleaning yourself; in fact, you might just be the type who chooses to clean rugs and carpets with cheap foam shampoo or anti-bacterial powder. Why Go For Professional Carpet Cleaning  Are you the type who likes to deal with carpet stains? Are you the type who likes to scrub out those dark spots? If yes is your answer,…


27 Nov: Office Carpet Cleaning Tips

As you probably are well aware of, the way your office space looks will define how clients perceive your company and how well your employees perform their daily tasks. A functional and aesthetically pleasing work space translates to an overall good impression. For employees, this translates to increased productivity. For clients, this gives off an image of professionalism.


22 Mar: Carpet Cleaners: Who Needs them

Not everyone has a carpet at home. But almost everywhere else, from airports to hotel lobbies to boutiques to offices, carpets are widely used often as a functional and ornamental piece which complements a space’s interior design. From the airplane you’re in to the hotel you’ll be staying at when you’re travelling, you will most probably stand on a carpet of every type and colour along with several thousand–or million–others before and after you.


18 Mar: The Advantages Of Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are like clothes, they also need utmost care through regular vacuuming and steaming. But the process is more extensive as compared to laundering shirts and jeans using the washer and dryer. There are several reasons why you should clean your carpet on a regular basis; the top three are related to aesthetics, longevity, and health promotion.