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Can You Do Parquet Floor Polishing Yourself?

parquet floor cleaning
Parquet floors are a nice addition to the interior design of any home. They add a rustic character to any room of the house, and make the room seem more warm and comfy. The problem with parquet floors is that the tiles are exquisitely made, thus commanding a hefty price tag. It is thus imperative for lucky owners of parquet floors to take good care of these precious floors on a regular basis.

Parquet floors that have seen better days tend to chip and change in color. The floors also tend to lose its “brand-new” shine moving forward. Does the quality of the parquet floor influence these? You bet it does. But maintaining the floor strictly can also make a huge difference.

Parquet Floor Polishing At Home Essentials

Cleaning a parquet floor is tricky considering its hardness and its finish. Of course, you don’t want to damage its shiny coating. Cleaners are widely available on the market but some cleaners may tend to corrode the wood and fade the finish after extensive use.

The safest way to go is by preventing damage. Maintain the lustre of parquet floor by limiting foot traffic or using a carpet on it. Do not use too much wax too when polishing the floor as wax accumulates over time. Finally, avoid placing heavy objects on the floor, all the more breaking objects on it. This may result to an accidental chip or dent on the surface of the parquet floor.

Finding A Reputable Parquet Floor Polishing Contractor

Finding a contractor to clean your parquet floor is no difficult task. In Singapore, there are many companies which provide cleaning services also specialises in the polishing of different types of floors from marble to terrazas. Moreover, these cleaning services offer insurance for the routine cleaning of your home and office space. Depending on your contract, you can always request for the cleaning daily, weekly or monthly at a minimal fee.

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