Building Maintenance Services

Building Maintenance Services: In Or Out?

Keeping our place of business clean and in good working order is important. A dilapidated and dirty facility gives a bad impression to other people. Imagine this, will people conduct business with you if your office looks like a dishevelled wreck? Probably not. That is why Building Maintenance Services are an important part of any company. But should Building Maintenance Services be outsourced or kept in-house?

In-House Building Maintenance Services

There are certain advantages if you keep your maintenance department in-house. First advantage is they are always at your beckon call when the need for them arises. Any time of the day, any day of the week, should their services be needed you are assured that they are there. Second is that you get to choose your own people. Knowing your own staff and choosing them personally for the job at hand can make you sleep better at night.

There are disadvantages too, however. First is all the added work to hire maintenance people. Businessmen should be focusing on one thing; making more business, not thinking about who is going to clean the bathrooms. Second is the cost involved. Imagine this; your maintenance department has a dozen people, not including the manager. You are forced to pay these people daily wages because they showed up for work. The problem is you probably need just half of them to do daily routine maintenance work. You only need the full workforce for your monthly general maintenance schedule. One might argue that you can just hire what you need and outsource on an as-needed basis. This can prove even more costly.

Outsourced Building Maintenance Services

The main advantage of outsourcing your maintenance department is expertise. There are companies who definitely specialise in cleaning and maintaining any structure. Second is definitely convenience. No need to go through the hassle of hiring your own people. Next is it is very cost effective. Since you don’t employ the people, you can only request the people you need on regular days, and then request for more on special clean-up days. The cleaning company will be the one responsible to provide you only with the number of people that you need. Hence, you don’t waste money on employees who are not needed.

In-house or outsourced, the final decision is still yours. The fact remains, whether you outsource or keep it in-house, you still need people to keep your facility clean and in tip top shape.

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