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8 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Common Office Cleaning Mistake

Office cleaning should be done the right way to help boost employees’ productivity. Here are 8 common office cleaning mistakes that should be avoided:

  1. Procrastinating. When you should you clean your office? Office cleaning should be done regularly, and diligently. Employees should make it a habit to clean as they go so litter does not pile up. Delaying things will only make cleaning harder.
  2. Leaving food scraps in office bins. This is a nasty habit that must be broken. Leaving food scraps in the office encourages pests like roaches and rodents to breed. The stench of stale or rotten food is also a turn-off. As part of office cleaning, it would be best to encourage employees to bring home their food scraps or discard their food containers in a dedicated bin at the office pantry. This bin must be collected and emptied every day at the end of work.
  3. Cleaning only what the eyes can see. This is the lazy way to clean. Cleaning only visible areas will only lead to dust and dirt collecting over time. This may result in employees catching allergies like asthma, which will then lead to people calling in sick.
  4. Over-using cleaning chemicals. Left on their own, employees can over-use cleaning chemicals which is not a healthy way to clean at all. When in doubt about which chemicals to use and what’s the right quantity, it’s best to leave the job to professional office cleaners.
  5. Relying on employees to do the cleaning all by themselves. It’s one thing to encourage a CAYGO (clean as you go) culture, but it’s entirely a different thing to solely depend on employees to do an office cleaning job. This will run counter to the company’s productivity goals, plus employees are not trained to do a cleaning job properly.
  6. Not giving employees basic office cleaning orientation. Most offices have house rules to govern employee conduct, but these rules often miss out providing guidelines to employees on the basics of taking care of their personal workspaces by keeping them clutter-free. Include basic office cleaning orientation into employees’ handbooks to avoid problems in the future.
  7. Not vacuuming the carpet regularly. The office carpet accumulates a lot of dirt, dust, and soil from all the foot traffic. It’s not only best to clean the carpet regularly to keep it looking, smelling, and feeling fresh, it’s also for health reasons. Dirt, soil and dust that can accumulate in the carpet can be inhaled and can cause a host of allergies and infections.
  8. Not disposing off garbage regularly. This a crucial part of office cleaning, if not the most important part. After the office is cleaned, finish the job by disposing off the garbage instead of leaving it around to become clutter all over again.

It’s Important To Do Office Cleaning Right!

To keep your office space in top shape and to boost your employees’ productivity, engaging professional office cleaners is important. Experts can get office cleaning done right so you can have a conducive and pleasant workspace every day! Contact office cleaning professionals in Singapore today!