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5 Simple Tips to Maintain The Carpet

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Maintaining the carpet is one of the most inconvenient and least beloved chores at home. Prevent build-up of dirt, odour, and germs on your carpet and prolong its life by following these top five simple tips.

1. Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner Has a Certified HEPA Filtration Device.

Vacuum regularly – at least once a week – to reduce soil build-up and maintain the quality of the carpet, especially if it’s a high-traffic area.

But vacuuming away on a regular basis isn’t enough – you’re simply just pumping back more filth onto your carpet and worse, redistributing it back to the air you’re breathing. Use a true HEPA vacuum only and make sure it is regularly replaced at least twice a year for maximum filtration efficiency.

2. Implement a No-Shoe Policy.

This will dramatically reduce all the allergens, debris and dirt transferred from the outdoors – think public restrooms and muddy sidewalks – to your indoor spaces plus you’ll also spend less time and effort on maintaining the quality of the carpet.

Worried about offending your guests? Use extra-long doormats both inside and out to encourage them (subtly, not forcefully) to rub off their footwear of any dirt and moisture.

3. Treat Spills And Spots Right Away.

In a perfect world, you don’t have to deal with loose dirt and grime, smelly messes, and pet stains on your beloved carpet. But when it does, maintaining the quality of the carpet doesn’t always have to be a nightmarish task.

Make sure you attend to it right away – the longer it sits on your carpet, the more difficult it would be to remove and clean it off. If you act quickly, it would create less damage on your carpet.

Do it the right way, too! Blot spills and spots with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth – do not rub it. Rubbing it can cause premature breakdown of the carpet fibres, which would only worsen the situation.

4. Choose The Right Floor Protector.

The bane of carpets? Wheel tracks of desk chairs and furniture regularly moved back and forth across the room. Tracks have lubricants that can cause hard-to-remove black stains while the furniture legs leave deep scuffs and scratches. Even the most diligent carpet maintenance efforts won’t be a match to this irreversible damage. Use self-adhesive felt pads or rolling casters on the furniture to help ensure your carpet stays clean and looking like new.

5. Choose The Right Commercial Product To Clean And Protect Your Carpet.

The simplest carpet cleaning solutions are inexpensive, chemical-free, and right under your nose – in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. Baking soda, steam and even plain tap water are all great and fuss-free carpet cleaners.

If you prefer commercial cleaning products, always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. You can avoid causing any damage to your carpet’s colour and texture by testing it out first on an inconspicuous area before applying the solution.

Don’t put your full confidence on these products – there might be a chance they won’t provide 100% guaranteed results. Nevertheless, they might still cut down time and effort spent on maintaining the quality of the carpet.


Maintaining the beauty, comfort, and durability of your carpets doesn’t always have to feel like Mission: Impossible. But if you like a hassle-free, environmental-friendly carpet cleaning solution, Avalon Services is the expert to keep your carpets in tiptop shape.