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5 Elements of an Effective Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Program


Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

In any office, work area, or commercial building, it is the carpet that takes most of the wear and tear, deterioration, and abuse. It serves as the protective barrier over the flooring material underneath it – having to bear and endure high traffic day after day, unrelentingly, by countless footwear and furniture imaginable.

For property owners, managers, and supervisors, keeping carpets not only looking clean and spotless but also well-maintained to last its lifetime is an uphill struggle if not a continuous challenge.

Cleaning and maintaining the carpet to get the most out of it requires work, planning, and strategy. Cost, for example, is an important deciding factor as to how this can be achieved. Having a decent budget to be able to afford a professional carpet cleaning team can ensure that the carpet can last for decades.

However, most organizations don’t have that luxury; even if this is possible, one should also evaluate its cost effectiveness in the long run.

The best thing to do is to adopt a proactive approach early on to maximize the life of your carpet. This article provides the five elements for an effective carpet cleaning and maintenance program.

What’s the Difference between Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Maintenance?

Isn’t cleaning the carpet and maintaining it the same thing? The answer is NO.

Cleaning is the removal or elimination of visible dirt, dust, and soil. Maintenance is a well-planned, strategically-executed, and ongoing process of removal or elimination of said elements to help the carpet retain its original appearance, quality, and performance attributes as time passes by.

The Five Elements of an Effective Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Program

1. Protective Barrier System

The most basic way to keep your carpet clean and well-maintained is by keeping dirt off it. While this cannot be entirely avoided, you can minimize the amount of dirt, dust, and soil that it absorbs.  Walk-off mats and chair mats are a great place to start.

This means putting assigned, cleanable, and replaceable walk-off mats in all entrance or vestibules to reduce the amount of elements that gets left on the carpet.

Meanwhile, designated chair mats are essential especially in areas where there is constant foot traffic and furniture abuse, to reduce carpet dent, snags, and fading.

This protective barrier system will require a considerable investment, especially if you want your premises to look elegant and professional. However, it pales in comparison to the price of restoring or replacing carpets.

2. Vacuuming

Vacuuming remains to be the most effective – and most economical – method of removing soil from carpet. It may sound easy enough but there is a right and wrong way to do it – which could lead to either lengthening or shortening the lifespan of your carpet.

The method (how you vacuum), the frequency (how much you vacuum), and the equipment (the vacuum type) all play a significant role in ensuring that your carpet will stay in good shape.

Many offices are just contented with the idea of vacuuming the carpet, without the forethought as to whether the actual job of removing dirt from it is being achieved or not.

  • The Right Method

Whether the area is heavily soiled or not, proper vacuuming calls for slow, multiple passes instead of several quick passes.  With quick passes, it would be impossible to remove all the ingrained soil in the carpet.

  • The Right Frequency

The regularity or constancy of your vacuuming efforts can have a positive and significant impact on the overall condition of the carpet.

For example, there are areas that must be vacuumed on a daily basis due to the high traffic it receives: entryways, corridors and hallways, administrative offices, and general office areas. On the other hand, areas that receive less traffic can be vacuumed on a weekly basis: boardrooms, conference halls, and executive offices.

  • The Right Equipment

Buying a vacuum cleaner that is not appropriate for the space being vacuumed is an expensive mistake you should not make. This would lead the person operating the vacuum cleaner to speed up or neglect other areas, which beats the purpose of having the carpet clean and well-maintained in the first place.

For small areas, it is recommended to buy or use either an upright two motor vacuum with rotary brush and beater bar HEPA filter or a backpack vacuum w/ high performance power head. For large areas, a ride on or wide-area vacuum is more suitable.

3. Spot Removal

Spot removal is key to keeping the day-to-day appearance of the carpet. Set a program to ensure that spots are removed on a scheduled basis. The most important thing to remember: remove spots as they happen. The quicker you get to a spot, the better.

How to Properly Remove a Spot

  • Identify the spill.
  • Blot or scrape up the substance.
  • Apply a cleaning solution based on the type of stain.
  • Prevent the stain from spreading by working from the outer edges and into the inner part.
  • Extract the stain using a clean towel.
  • Rinse with small amount of water.
  • Blot the stain one final time.

4. Preventive Cleaning

With the right preventative cleaning program in place, you should never need restorative cleaning.

Restorative cleaning is usually done when it is perceived that the carpet has had permanent damage already. Preventive cleaning, on the other hand, uses less cleaning agents, leads to temporary indoor air quality issues, and requires more time and money.

5. Restorative Cleaning

Restorative cleaning is done in areas where dirt, stain, and grime cannot be removed or eliminated with any appropriate cleaning method. Severe soiling and tough wear and tear is quite evident, which results from improper cleaning and lack of maintenance.

Restorative cleaning is usually an office’s final option or last resort before putting away the old, damaged carpet and replacing it with a new one.


Having a proactive approach to cleaning and maintaining your carpet will pay off in the long run. It can literally mean the difference in years of extended yet still high quality carpet life and bigger savings.

If you still don’t have a proper carpet cleaning and maintenance program or you’re constantly bothered by the relentless soiling and difficult staining in high traffic areas in your office, Avalon Services is up to the challenge. Avalon Services can provide the toughest, deepest clean you want your carpets to receive. Visit the website today for a carpet cleaning experience beyond your expectation!