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3 Trademarks of Effective Commercial Cleaning

The office is where you spend 40 to unlimited number of hours per week earning a living, chasing your dream, and achieving your lifelong goals.

Assigning the strenuous, complicated, messy job of cleaning your office to professional cleaners is therefore one of the best company decisions you can ever make.

But finding the right cleaning service for your company can be a problem if you do not know what to look for. So, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could actually determine the best practices of reputable cleaning companies?

This article will help you pinpoint the trademarks of effective commercial cleaning so you can have a solid guide in finding the right one for your office.

Trademark #1: Bespoke Cleaning Packages

Each cleaning company offers different cleaning packages using a variety of methods, products, and technology.

Even if one cleaning crew seems to be more popular than another due to their specific package offering, there is really no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your particular office cleaning requirements.

Rather, the trademark of effective commercial cleaning is considering what is right for you – a custom-made cleaning solution for your current office set-up and work environment.

commercial cleaning services

Keep eye on the following key observations when choosing one office cleaning service over the other.

  1. The office cleaning service pays more meticulous attention to highly visible areas in your office where you receive regular traffic or frequent visits from clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders.
  2. It makes careful adherence to any or all specific obligations that are explicitly or implicitly indicated in your office lease.
  3. It takes into consideration the cleaning frequency that will work best in your allotted budget.
  4. It provides a different type of cleaning technique to address specific soiling issues.
  5. It makes a specific list of applicable cleaning solutions for each office area, providing thorough explanation why it must be done and how it will be done.
  6. It explains the importance of periodic maintenance on top of routine cleaning to extend the value of your chosen cleaning package.
  7. It takes into consideration the uniting expectations of all staff and employees including the grievances for current or past office cleaners (if there’s any).
  8. It offers a clear and transparent insurance cover for the type of cleaning service you will avail.
  9. It dissuades your fear over safety risks and security concerns during and after the office cleaning service is conducted.
  10. It provides the pros and cons of daytime cleaning, after-hour cleaning, and weekend cleaning including a recommendation of the best solution that can have the least impact on your productivity and budget.

Trademark #2: Ocular Inspection  

The common denominator among companies with effective commercial cleaning reputation is not neglecting the site ‘walk through’.

While there is nothing wrong with simply providing a price quote based on the office space size per square metre, it can lead to an inaccurate assessment of what the client expects after availing a specific service.

Taking time to visit the premises might be inconvenient for both the cleaning provider and the client – but it is a small inconvenience that can pave the way towards a successful relationship just because they invest the time and effort to do so.

Why is it essential?

  • It takes into account every particular needs and requirements
  • It reduces risks of misunderstandings
  • It allows the client to put emphasis on immediate concerns and pressing issues
  • It allows the provider to confidently make an accurate quotation that can lead to a long-term contract
  • It eliminates unsavoury incidents that might damage the reputation of both clients

What factors will affect the final quotation you will receive?

  1. General layout
  2. Number and size of areas to be cleaned
  3. Current condition of actual office space
  4. Age of the building
  5. Approximate staffing volume and levels
  6. Areas that require immediate attention or special cleaning solutions
  7. Particular client requests

Trademark #3: World-Standard Personnel

Effective commercial cleaning service hinges on a few essential criteria but nothing is more crucial than having the right personnel for the job.

The two above mentioned trademarks of successful cleaning companies can only be made possible if there is a cleaning crew with the right certification, skills, and attitude for the job.

  • They are characterised with professionalism and workmanship for the task at hand.
  • They are committed to provide the right type of service for any client at any schedule.
  • They utilise world-class cleaning equipment with extreme caution and expertise.
  • They utilise eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t harm both humans and the environment.
  • They have accreditation from industry leaders including the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Avalon Services as Your Professional Office Cleaning Provider

The formidable task of cleaning your office shouldn’t hamper your productivity nor sway your focus on running a successful business.

That’s why you can rely on the unparalleled cleaning service from Avalon Services.

The goal is simple: clean your office promptly and efficiently – no hidden charges, no health risks, no productivity lost.

With world-class cleaning crew and technology, you can expect a spotless office space that will earn the admiration of both employees and visitors alike.