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3 Holiday Office Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Start Before The New Year

December is one of the busiest times of the year. With companies finishing last-minute work before the break, cleaning the office often becomes the last thing in people’s minds.
Clean Office

Here are some tips to get the office clean before the New Year begins.

Office Cleaning

  1. Get Help From A Professional Cleaning Company.

    Cleaning the office during the year-end busy period is not a job for just one person. You will need a team of professional cleaners to give your office a thorough clean.

    A professional cleaning company knows exactly what kind of tidying is required in a busy office. Every workplace has specific problem areas, and an expert cleaning company knows exactly which area to prioritize and the kind of cleaning method to employ for each.

    Avalon Services offers specialized cleaning services designed for offices. Following industry standards, Avalon Services customizes its cleaning strategies based on the client’s needs:

    • Carpet cleaning and maintenance – A filthy carpet does not only look unsightly, but it can also cause allergies and other health problems. As a breeding ground for dust mites and allergens, office carpets require regular and specialized cleaning based on carpet type and condition.
    • Floor maintenance – Whether your office has granite, vinyl or marble flooring, one thing is certain: dull-looking office floor looks unprofessional. Avalon Services offers specialized floor maintenance that goes beyond simple sweeping and vacuuming. Using ph-neutral cleaning formulas, Avalon Services restores the excellent condition of hard flooring without stripping away the floor’s protective seal.
    • Window cleaning – First impressions last, especially in business. Dirty windows give the impression that a company does not care about how it presents itself, and this may somehow influence its relationship with its clients. With Avalon’s window cleaning services, office windows get a thorough tidying with the use of environmentally sound cleaning techniques.
    • Cleaning surfaces and equipment – Office equipment and surfaces often gather plenty of dust and grime. Oftentimes, a quick wipe is all they need to remove the dirt. But sometimes, it’s not enough to keep office equipment in good condition. A professional cleaning staff does only wipe off surface dirt; they also clean debris in between removable parts of office equipment.

    Cleaning companies often get plenty of inquiries and bookings during the holiday season. It’s best to schedule an appointment early to avoid stressful last-minute clean ups.

  2. Ask employees to clear up their respective workspaces.

    A cleaning company can get the office ready for the next year—all polished up and dirt-free. However, the cleaning staff can’t touch whatever is on the employees’ desk. Before the cleaning staff comes in, ask employees to get all hands on deck and clear out the clutter in their respective workspaces. If possible, put everything in boxes and out of sight, so the cleaning staff can do their work uninterrupted.

  3. Don’t Forget To Freshen The Air.

    Cleaning surfaces and polishing floors can get the office ready post-holiday. But to make the office a more conducive place for work, make sure that the whole workplace gets sufficient ventilation to eliminate any musty smell and bad odors. Use air fresheners to keep the workplace smelling clean and fresh and to enliven the office when work begins after the New Year.

Cleaning the office before the New Year ensures that there will be no more clutter and dirt to think about when work resumes. To get a thorough clean in every corner of the workplace, contact a cleaning services company and get a head start on holiday cleaning.

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